The next generation of health and wellbeing.

You deserve it.

A new blueprint for healthcare.

At Elysian, we believe in creating a better, healthier future for everyone. As a diversified brand and distribution company, we provide pharmaceutical and nutraceutical consumer health and wellness solutions to medical clinics, pharmacy retailers, and our own consumer-facing platforms throughout New Zealand.

Our Story

Committed to ushering in a new era of health and wellness solutions paving the way for generations to come, Elysian is pioneering change and leading the charge in sustainable solutions. We exist to break barriers, disrupt industry norms and deliver ground-breaking and patient centric health and wellness solutions to consumers throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team and Board of Directors are comprised of a highly skilled and experienced group of experts who are passionately dedicated to propelling Elysian towards becoming the leading health and wellness brand and distribution enterprise in New Zealand.